Call for Participants: “(Hi)stories of Resistance“/ „Widerständige Geschichten“/ „Oporne Opowieści“, Krzyżowa 31.10.-04.11.2014 PDF Drukuj Email

“(Hi)stories of Resistance“ is a German-Greek-Polish barcamp dealing with these questions and more relating to the topics of opposition and resistance in present and past in various contexts. If you are an activist, scientist, artist, practitioner or just interested in dealing with these questions, join the trinational barcamp from 31.10. to 04.11.2014 at the International Youth Meeting Centre in Krzyżowa (PL). We are going to look at the topic of opposition and resistance through different approaches (scientific, artistic, creative, personal etc.) and focal points (human rights, education for sustainable development, civil society, gender issues etc.)


The event’s goal is to approach with the topic of resistance and opposition through individuals and to analyze their personal motivations and backgrounds. Furthermore the barcamp is open for topics referring to various countries and time periods. It shall offer different people insight through personal approaches and interpretations. The focus shall lie on current opposition movements/initiatives as well as on historical examples.
Following a short daily presentation that should serve as an inspiration, participants allocate themselves into smaller working groups created by the participants themselves. Those groups can discuss a certain topic inspired by a question that may arise during the presentation and then can do or develop a game or method, work in artistic ways or create a short movie. At the end of each day participants present and exchange the ideas and outcomes of their working groups.
The barcamp offers the participants the space for creating and exchanging new ideas as well as getting into contact with other experts. Thinking and discussing detached from professional and social constraints is one of the basic guidelines of the barcamp.

Young people at the age of 18 to 27 living in Germany, Greece or Poland who are generally interested in the topic of resistance and human rights violation in different political contexts, as well as activists (or people who want to become active), scientists, artists or practitioners. What is important is a high level of initiative from the participants and the willingness to practically contribute to the barcamp. Thorough knowledge of English is advantageous.


Please fill out the application form and write a short paper explaining your motivation to participate in the barcamp as well as outlining how you plan to contribute (theoretical input, presentation of certain working methods or projects you are involved in, your general experience within the field of opposition and resistance, a film/ play/ piece of art/ song you have created or you are going to create etc.) See the questions in the application form.
OR send us a short movie of you presenting yourself.



  • 20 EUR per person, costs for accommodation and all meals are covered by that fee.
  • Any additional costs such as travel costs to Berlin or Krzyżowa have to be covered by the participants themselves.
  • We are offering a shuttle bus from Berlin to the IYMC in Krzyżowa (PL) and return (free of charge). The bus will leave at 12 noon on 31 October 2014 from Berlin. More detailed information will be provided by the organizers.
Participants from Greece can apply for travel reimbursement up to 200 EUR per person. For further information contact:

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Name: Carolin Wenzel
Phone:0049 30 53836363